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First look at The Water Diviner

This looks awesome. I can't wait to see it.

"LES MISERABLES" (2012) Photo Gallery


"LES MISERABLES" (2012) Photo Gallery

Here is a GALLERY featuring images from "LES MISERABLES", the recent screen adaptation of 1980s stage musical and Victor Hugo's 1862 novel. Directed by Tom Hooper, the movie starred Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried.

Studio version of Stars

I really like this version of Stars. Just Russell and piano in a studio...

Jor-El - First Pics!

The first glimpse of Russell as Superman's father, Jor-El, have come out. Looks like the sniper photographers were mostly interested in

getting pictures of him smoking....

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TOFOG news

Russell and Alan will be doing shows in LA only this May. Doesn't sound like it will be the traditional sort of TOFOG show that he's done before.

From Murph's site...
Hey Mary,
So what I can tell you is that the shows will be between the 23rd and 29th. That means that we could do a show on any of those nights.The night we are most unlikely to be doing a show is the 26th.
Venues range from 230 people to 500 .
We will be taking a Crowe and Doyle songbook attitude to the shows with a heavy leaning toward new songs, however Alan and I are well aware that a show is a show and we will endeavor to make it entertaining.
There will be guests. This isn't a band show, though there will be recognizable faces. For the most part expect guitar,mandolin,piano,singing and telling stories. We will have a gear or two or three to step up when the time feels right - RC

New Comm

Banner by firestorm717

This is a comm for all kinds of discussion/interests/high pitched squeeing concerning the film Body of Lies.

Anything and everything is welcome! Discussion, picspams, art, icons, fanfiction, random babbling, vids, slash, gen, het, rpf – you name it, if it has anything to do with Body of Lies, it's welcome.

Actor/actress squee is welcome as well! While there are comms for Mark, Leo, and Russell, there are many other actors, and we love to hear about all the actors!


Way back in 2003 Russell Crowe and PAul Bettany were on Jonathan Ross' FRiday Night (season 5, episode 11). It was one of the few interviews they did together for Master and Commander

Is there anyone out there who has a copy of this. Youtube only has the (edited) Paul Bettany part.

Thank you.

wonderwall | robin/marion

Dirt Music project still exists

Dirt Music, “in good shape”

The film adaptation of Tim Winton’s novel Dirt Music is “in good shape”, according to writer John Collee.

“We’ve now got a draft that works structurally really well. There are less and less changes between the drafts and we’re hoping to shoot next year,” Collee told Encore.

Having fluctuated through various stages of planning over the last six years, the film has a $20 million budget, with Russell Crowe attached to play the lead and Phillip Noyce to direct.

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And another mention at this article.

SM: I’ll finish up by asking: what are you working on now, or conversely, what would you like to finally see out of your other projects?

JC: Well, you know Dirt Music which I was writing for Phil Noyce, I recently delivered that, and you know, Russell Crowe was ostensibly attached to that, so we’ll see. I had great fun with Russell, so he’s keen to do the music for it. That was an interesting time, spending a bit of time with Russell, hanging out listening to his band.

Equalizer rumor

With 'The Equalizer,' Russell Crowe will look to set things right

June 15, 2010 | 4:14 pm

EXCLUSIVE: Russell Crowe has been on the business end of some rough news lately, first some mixed response to, and results for, his "Robin Hood," and then that scurrilous Web rumor that he'd, um, died. (The report had him falling off an Austrian mountaintop -- it was the usual hoax.) He could use a man like Edward Woodward's character from "The Equalizer" to help him out.
Now Crowe will have the chance to call on just such a man. Actually, he'll do one better: he'll have the chance be that man.

The actor has attached himself to play Robert McCall, the mysterious agent made famous by Woodward in the 1980s CBS crime series. Fans of the series will remember that McCall's background was murky -- he once worked for a top-secret agency, where he did some pretty horrible things -- and we watched him every week in his new, repentance-minded guise, righting wrongs for the persecuted by settling scores with their persecutors (and assorted miscreants).

Crowe will be seen in another character-driven thriller -- the kind of role in which he excels -- when he unites with Paul Haggis in the thriller "The Next Three Days," in which he plays the husband whose wife is wrongly accused of murder. Crowe is also loosely attached to some other films, but does not have a new movie lined up.

Mired for years in development at the Weinstein Co., the cinematic reimagining of "The Equalizer" now is with a group of high-level producers: industry veteran Mace Neufeld ("Hunt for Red October" and a slew of action hits), who's actually been involved for a while; Adam Sandler collaborator Alex Siskin; and Escape Artists, the company that produced action movies like "The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3" and darker films like "Seven Pounds." There's no studio on board yet, but it's been making the rounds to a number of Hollywood studios for several weeks, some of which have shown interest.

There's good reason for that. The 1980s have shown some box-office life with "The Karate Kid," which became an unqualified hit last weekend. Of course, that was a family-oriented crowd-pleaser. Going gritty didn't work, on any level, with another '80s revival in "The A-Team." And there's no shooting script, so don't expect to see this at the multiplex anytime soon.

But a man with a mysterious past and a dark edgy side would certainly be a juicy role for Crowe. We're already salivating over the media interviews that might come with it.

-- Steven Zeitchik



Pics from UK GQ magazine

These pics are from the UK edition of GQ magazine...

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"ROBIN HOOD" (2010) Review

"ROBIN HOOD" (2010) Review

I wrote this REVIEW of Ridley Scott's new movie, "ROBIN HOOD". The movie stars Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett.

Breaking Up Fans Out There?

Yeah, I know. If you're into Russell Crowe, the current craze is Robin Hood, so of course I'm completely inspired to do something else. I've had a fic idea brewing for some time now, and it won't leave me alone. So, I'm looking for two things:

The first is a beta reader familiar enough with the movie to offer critique on things like characterization and continuity as well as the occasional missing word, grammatical problem, or extra space. The story is going to be a multi-chapter sequel, set roughly 6-7 years after the events in the film, although there will most likely be flashbacks that cover the movie time period as well. There are some gaps I'd like to fill in, since the movie is kind of episodic.

The second is a small group of folks (3-4 people, maybe, including the aforementioned beta reader) who would be willing to preview chapters for me and offer commentary.

My fanfic tends to run long (novel length) and I write in weird spurts: a couple of months on one fic, then off to something else for a while, but if I am committed enough to post, I finish the stories. So, I'm looking for people who are willing to stick with the story for a while and can turn around chapters fairly quickly, otherwise it gets a little overwhelming to post them.


Jun. 7th, 2010

I've been short on time lately, so I only have a couple Robin Hood and Russell icons... 


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38 icons (Robin Hood)


Jane Eyre [2006] (23)
NCIS [BBS shoot] (27)
Spartacus [1x01] (20)

Pride & Prejudice [2005] (28)
Robin Hood [2010] (37)

Richard Armitage (23)


House MD [2x04 & s3 blooper] (04)
Robin Hood [2010] (01)
Richard Armitage (02)


House MD - Grégory House (02)
House MD - House/Cameron contain spoiler 6x07 (01)

House MD - Chase/Cameron contain spoiler 6x17 (01)

Here @angelic37
Enjoy ♥

Merry Men in Rome

Sorry I haven't been able to update much lately with the movie coming out, but my computer is acting up and I'll probably have to do a complete restore and lose my data, so I'm backing up all the pics and vids I already have for now and haven't been keeping up with all the new pics coming out.

But here's a Youtube vid of the Merry Men performing on the Spanish Steps in Rome...

Robin Hood Review!

In case any of y'all are interested, I have a Robin Hood review post up!

(And I am in DIRE NEED of more Robin Hood icons! Anybody got a lead on good ones? ;) )

"ROBIN HOOD" Photo Gallery

"ROBIN HOOD" Photo Gallery

Here is a GALLERY of photos from Ridley Scott's new movie, "ROBIN HOOD". The movie stars Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett.

Title : Ransom
Music : The song is "Unforgiveable Sinner" by Lene Marlin
Fandom : No Way Back
Summary : Zack and Yuji blame themselves for the deaths of Sam and Seiko. They're so busy being angry that they don't realize their loved ones are still with them. Mary and Eric help them see.
Notes : Compatible both with cannon and my fanfic, Gemini Tide.
Links: Can be found Here @ [personal profile] so_out_of_ideas on Dreamwidth.

Telegraph article on Robin Hood

Very detailed and quite positive article from Saturday's Daily Telegraph about filming, with plenty of spoiler-y details on the plot.


(PS I still need to get a Russell icon... sorry)

Robin Hood article in The Times

Found this a while back and kept getting distracted from posting - the article is from April 4 but is still relevant (and has a lot of quotes by Russell):


(btw hi everyone, have been eagerly watching the comm for a while - have loved Russell starting from 2000, have most of his movies on DVD and have watched Gladiator 50+ times (no exaggeration...), and am really looking forward to Robin Hood).
Posting and/or Reposting all of my vids from various movies starring our favorite actor. Most of the old links were dead, so here's everything in one go.

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Russell has Twitter

Russell is tweeting now. @russellcrowe.

"Mr Doyle and I have wriiten 22 songs together,take off the 6 from MHMH 2 that are specific GBS songs that leaves 14 have to be an album soon"

Plus, it does look like they are planning some TOFOG gigs for August.

Leno screen caps

Some screen caps from Monday's appearance...

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Walk of Fame video

Russell Crowe received a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame on Monday and thanked his family and friends, saying "There is no place I would rather be, apart from with my family, than on a movie set of a feature film."

Among the celebrities who came to pay tribute to the Gladiator star at his award ceremony were Jay Leno of The Tonight Show, director Ron Howard and Avatar and Clash of the Titans actor Sam Worthington.

Crowe, the 2404th celebrity to receive a star, is set to appear in the latest movie adaptation of Robin Hood, scheduled be released on May 14.

"It was pouring rain this morning. Russell made one phone call. The sun has come out, ladies and gentlemen," Leno joked.

Live coverage for Walk of Fame ceremony

There will be a live video feed of the Walk of Fame ceremony tomorrow.

Coverage begins Monday, April 12 at 2:30 p.m. Eastern / 11:30 a.m. Pacific.

I hope it's not raining then. It is going to rain tonight, but hopefully will be cleared out by 11:30.

Click here for video feed.

Also, Russell will be on Leno Monday night and supposedly on Oprah (along with Elton John) Friday.

A quick blurb from theage.com.au

How Crowe was Stoned

AND speaking of shameless name-dropping, I also had the pleasure of interviewing the irascible Russell Crowe last week in his Finger Wharf apartment – very nice digs, I must say, big enough to have its own postcode – just before he took off for Hollywood to promote his forthcoming film, Robin Hood. I always find gushing about celebrities unseemly but at least let me say what an interesting bloke the actor is. His most amusing story was how once when he met Keith Richards at a party, the Rolling Stones guitarist was all over him for a couple of minutes before sauntering away. Alas, Crowe could not understand a single word – not one – he said!



Producers, directors and scribes toe the line with thesp

Brian Grazer, producer
'Robin Hood'

Visually the film is the "Gladiator" version of "Robin Hood." It has that visual intensity. And you love seeing Russell be a bad-ass. He has a visceral component that only he could pull off in the same way he did "Gladiator."

Russell himself embodies Robin Hood. He is a man of people. He champions the working class and lives that life, and he has succeeded in (doing) that in movies.

What surprises me is the level of research he'll do on a movie and the movie's character. He'll spend hundreds of hours looking at archival footage. With "Robin Hood," he just became the most well-read man on the subject of the time right after the Crusades. And he became an expert on the long bow, which is massively heavy. The tension on the bow is incredibly taut, and it's very difficult to shoot an arrow much less shoot it with such accuracy.

Ron Howard, director
'A Beautiful Mind' and 'Cinderella Man'

Russell is at his best when he's playing a character who's aggressively pursuing something that's challenging in the extreme. He doesn't bring that much of himself to the characters. He finds the characters.

On "Cinderella Man," Russell had to accomplish a lot physically in order to bring his character to the screen, even though he had destroyed his shoulder during training for the role. It was surgically put back together, but it was never right the entire time we were filming. Every time he stepped into the ring to film any of those thousands of punches that he was throwing, it could have shut the movie down. It was nerve-racking. But Russell loved his character, Jim Braddock, and he wanted to tell his story. He's that kind of committed artist.

In doing our research on schizophrenia for "A Beautiful Mind," Russell and I spent a lot of time talking about the physical affects of the disease -- the ticks, the patterns of behavior. In the early sequences, Russell began to build in very subtle reflections of those affects. This engaged the audience on an almost subliminal level. By the end of the film, when they see those same affects fully revealed, fully blown, the audience recognizes that what they thought were eccentricities were actually Russell's signaling to us the beginning of his illness.

Russell and I are very different people, but what we share is this ambition to try to find interesting stories.

Curtis Hanson, director and co-screenwriter
'L.A. Confidential'

Bud White was wounded and angry. And I needed an actor who could convey that and show the heart underneath.

I had seen Russell in "Romper Stomper," so I knew he could be the brute. What I didn't know was whether he could show the heart. We brought him over and I put him on tape. He was fabulous. Russell has that tenderness within him, and he got to a place in the movie where he was comfortable revealing that.

Russell is an actor of literally 1,000 questions. I had six weeks of rehearsal with him and he spent those six weeks going over every line in that script. He questioned each line in every possible detail. There were many times after the rehearsal that my writing partner, Brian Helgeland, and I would go outside, and Brian would roll his eyes and I would say, "I know. But he's going to be a great Bud White." By the end of those weeks of challenging questions, Russell knew that I was as committed to that character as he was. From then on, I think he would have done anything I asked him to. Russell has a reputation of being difficult, and what I speculate is that he's difficult when he's not trusting.

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Walk of Fame: Russell Crowe

By Zorianna Kit

April 9, 2010, 07:20 PM ET

Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe first made Hollywood take notice with his eye-catching turn in "Romper Stomper" (1992) and has captivated audiences with his roles in "L.A. Confidential" (1997), "Gladiator" (2000) and "A Beautiful Mind" (2001). He's reteamed with "Gladiator" director Ridley Scott for his next film, "Robin Hood," opening May 14. Shortly before receiving his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Crowe, also a recording artist and part owner of the Australian rugby league South Sydney Rabbitohs, made time for The Hollywood Reporter's Zorianna Kit from his home base in Australia.

Russell Crowe timeline

THR: Let's put the issue to rest once and for all: In "Robin Hood," tights or no tights?

Russell Crowe: There are no tights in this film. They weren't invented until quite a few hundred years after when the story takes place. We start our story in 1199. Tights don't come into play until the 1600s. I do apologize of those who will be disappointed that there are no tights.

THR: You often play heroes. Is there anything you're afraid of?

Crowe: I used to be fine climbing up things. Now I've got to steel myself for heights. Things like looking out an open window inside a helicopter 1,600 feet up in the air.

THR: On what would you say you are a complete authority?

Crowe: My own emotional state. I'm relatively knowledgeable when it comes to my football club. Everything else, I'm comfortable and happy to remain a student on.

THR: Do you have any bad habits you're currently trying to quit?

Crowe: Cigarettes, for sure. (Pause) To tell you the truth, I'm not really trying. What I'm doing is trying to bring it closer to the forefront of my mind every day. Spending too long at the computer is starting to become a big deal. I live in Australia but my businesses are in so many other parts of the world, I tend to spend way too many hours on a daily basis answering e-mails.

THR: Speaking of computers, do you use Facebook or Twitter?

Crowe: I don't, but there are plenty of people who pretend to be me on Facebook and Twitter. I'm thinking of using Twitter when we go out and do press for "Robin Hood." I've been thinking that it might be interesting for people to follow because you're tweeting from country to country and seeing different things every day.

THR: What should female actors know about you?

Crowe: That I'm a naturally generous person, so don't take it personally. And when I'm working with you, I will be your sword and your shield.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Tenderness DVD review

It didn’t earn much of a release, and I’ve never read any of the back story behind Tenderness, an odd but effective thriller in which Russell Crowe took a big supporting role in.

It’s a lot indier than we think of Russell Crowe being these days. The part, that of a cop who has retired but maintained an interest in a young killer he put behind bars who has just been released, is smaller than the usual Russell role.

The connection appears to be that actor turned director John Polson is an Aussie, and he and Crowe co-starred in an early Crowe take-note film, The Sum of Us.

In any event, Crowe took the part in the film, and with the burden of “carrying it” off him, does some of the subtlest acting he’s managed in years — American accented, unhurried, a cop who knows this kid (Jon Foster) will rape and kill again even if he never got the complete story on him bak when he first caught him.

Now Eric Poole is out, and as Det. Cristofuouro narrates, the young man seems fated to cross paths with Lori (Sophie Traub). She’s a plainly troubled teen who sets out to meet Eric, who is either fighting the ugly urges that still well up within him, or worried that she will trip him up and bring the weight of the law down upon him.

It’s a road picture thriller, with parts of the tale told in flashback (Laura Dern is Eric’s one living relative, a perhaps too-understanding soul who wishes the cops would leave him alone) as we gradually come to appreciate what Eric was, what he might still be and why this cop never forgot him.

Polson struggles with the material’s puzzle-within-a-puzzle so much that he never gives us the ticking clock, rarely ratcheting up the suspense and fear that we feel for Lori, who seems to know Eric’s story and yet has no fear of him, even if we think she should.

And as they drive across upstate New York, the ex-Detective tracks them, always a step behind, rarely letting himself get worked up over what Eric might be capable of, what he might be planning and what lives could be in danger.

That makes Tenderness a thriller with more faint chills than real thrills, an engrossing movie that may have you shouting at the screen at Lori (”What are you THINKING, child?”) and intriguing departure that suggests the sort of career that might have befallen Crowe (indie, character actor) had L.A. Confidential never come along.


Sydney Morning Herald article

I just want to be like Marlon Brando
April 10, 2010

Despite all the plaudits, a fire still burns in Russell Crowe. He tells Peter FitzSimons about the eternal battle for perfection.

IT'S 1987, on the mean streets of Kings Cross, and a young Kiwi-born busker by the name of Russell Crowe is doing it tough.

He must make at least $7 a day to have enough money to pay his rent in the vomit-and-blood-strewn dive he lives in - and if he can make another $3.50 he'll also be able to pay for his cigarettes and enough tubs of fried rice to keep him going.

Fortunately, singing songs such as I Just Want To Be Like Marlon Brando - which he wrote when he was 16 - means that most days he just manages to get there. Just.

It's this week, and in his multimillion-dollar apartment on the Finger Wharf in Woolloomooloo, just upstairs from John Laws, the Oscar-winning Crowe is getting ready to fly to Hollywood where, on Monday, he will have the honour of unveiling his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame - at his request, as close as he can get it to Brando's.

''It's not the first time they've asked,'' Crowe says, as we sit on his spacious balcony, beneath the steady gaze of Centrepoint Tower. ''I've turned it down a number of times before 'cos I didn't think I'd done enough. But now, when it came up, I looked at it, and you know what?''

Maybe now he's done enough. His résumé includes no fewer than three Academy Award nominations and one Oscar, in 2001 for best actor in Gladiator, a list of other acting gongs and his much anticipated film Robin Hood - he takes the title role to Cate Blanchett's Maid Marian - to be released next month.

He speaks of the role with extraordinary passion, a highly accomplished actor who thinks deeply about his craft and is happy to talk of it. The way he warms to the subject makes it clear his aim in every film is to try to be the character, rather than merely act it.

''You can go around and be the dude who's on the horse and who picks up the sword,'' he says, ''but that person is not going to be worth watching unless you feel somehow that you've got some connection to his heart or his soul, something through his eyes, and even in a moment of stillness, you recognise his dilemma, as your human dilemma as well.''

In this film, for the first time, Crowe is credited as co-producer alongside Brian Grazer and the legendary Ridley Scott - and he is nothing if not proud of the result.

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